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bookThe Joy of Creative Discovery: Practices to Reclaim Your Purpose & Passion:
For fifteen years, the benefits of Pasha Hogan’s Creative Discovery™ workshops have been extolled by attendees—all kinds of people, with all kinds of challenges and dreams, going through life transitions and seeking a greater purpose and meaning. Most declared they were not creative, only to marvel at what was inside of them, just waiting for a chance to be expressed.
Designed to help adults manage the uncertainties of life and move forward, this book sets the stage to explore the timeless questions: Who am I? and Why am I here? with an enthusiastic attitude of childlike curiosity and wonder, instead of fear and overwhelm. The reader is guided and supported on this journey with ten practices the author has used and perfected in her much loved Creative Discovery™ workshops.
The practices draw on ancient and contemporary wisdom from around the world, containing real-life examples, inspirational quotes and poetry, probing questions, and enlightening myths. Each chapter engages the reader in activities, including writing prompts, art making, excursions in nature, stress-reduction techniques, and links to free guided meditations.

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Looking for inspirational gems and practical tools to catapult you into the amazing next chapter of your life? You’ll love Pasha Hogan’s The Joy of Creative Discovery. More than a workbook, it’s a funbook, rich in creativity and spirituality. Pasha is a wise guide, ready to accompany you on a journey that will shake up your life in the best way possible! 
~Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author

Have you experienced times when creative moments occur unexpectedly and unbidden, as if from another dimension, often with a sense of joy or ecstasy? What if we could have these experiences at will? This ability lies within the reach of nearly everyone, as Pasha Hogan shows in The Joy of Creative Discovery. Practical, down to earth, and immensely enjoyable, this book is a journey to the visionary, innovative side that is part of our human endowment. 
~Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

Pasha has put together an amazing workbook for getting your “beginner’s mind” working in service of your creativity. Put perfectionism aside and play in the joyful world of inner transformation. It’s deeply spiritual and, at the same time, such fun! 
~Parvati Markus, author of Love Everyone 

In this step-by-step workbook, Pasha holds our hands and helps us through a journey to rediscover the innocence, peace, joy, and beauty that have been within us all along. The practices can transform one’s life. 
~Gary Deng, MD, PhD, Medical Director, Integrative Medicine Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery

“This book is a joy to read, and I could not put it down. Pasha Hogan writes so clearly, powerfully, and enchantingly … about the inherent creativity and triumphant spirit in everyone, waiting to be freed.”

LARRY DOSSEY, MD, author of Reinventing Medicine
and The Power of Premonitions


In fairy tales, if the third travail doesn’t kill you, magical transformations occur. Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery is no fairytale, however. It is the real-life account of a young woman’s struggle and triumph over issues that affect every modern woman: sexuality, body image, empowerment, and the journey toward truth.

Pasha Hogan’s captivating story depicts how the devastating news of a third cancer diagnosis, at age thirty-one, catapults the author into the unknown territory of learning to love herself genuinely and honestly. As she confronts the ravages of cancer, identity and career crises, and depression, Hogan realizes that these challenges present the opportunity to leave behind “normal” life and embrace the longings of her heart and soul—to live a creative, full life as her true self. In Third Time Lucky, she invites readers to transform their own questions from, “Am I enough?” to “Am I enough of who I really am?”

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“As a young doctor, I did not understand why my patients would sometimes say, “Cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me.” I later learned that confronting cancer can be a turning point that is transformative. This is what Pasha Hogan writes about so powerfully and enchantingly in Third Time Lucky, showing us how to identify and eliminate the trivia from our lives and focus on what really matters.

This book is a joy to read, and I could not put it down. Hogan is that rare author whose voice is so honest and clear that readers fall in love with her and cheer her on as she shares her journey in exquisite detail, warts and all, holding nothing back.

If you or a loved one has experienced cancer, this book should be at the top of your list. But it is about more than cancer. It is about the inherent creativity and triumphant spirit in everyone, waiting to be freed.”

LARRY DOSSEY, MD, author of Reinventing Medicine
and The Power of Premonitions

“Pasha Hogan is an inspiration, a consummate storyteller, and a role model for cancer survivors and for all women. Third Time Lucky is her authentic, beautiful, wrenching, heroic story of creative recovery—a story that inspires me and will inspire you to ‘live beyond the small version of ourselves.’”
PAMELA HALE, author of Flying Lessons: How to
Be the Pilot of Your Own Life

“Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery will appeal to anyone who longs to live a fuller and better life. Pasha Hogan’s compelling account of surviving breast cancer is an inspiration to slow down, be more attentive to our bodies, reduce our stress, and make peace with the past—to love ourselves unconditionally.”
STEPHANIE GUNNING, author of Audacious Creativity,
Total Renewal,and Easy Homeopathy

“Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery is far more than one woman's experience. It is every woman's story of being faced with the need to stop!—stop proving ourselves in the world and begin noticing what our bodies and souls are asking us to heal—while there is still time. Pasha Hogan's beautifully written journey is both a guidebook and a potent reminder that our lives can change and that synchronicities and miracles await those who earnestly seek wholeness and meaning.”
GAIL LARSEN, author of Transformational Speaking: If You
Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story

“If you are looking for encouragement and inspiration to fulfill your destiny, this book will gently guide you to trust in the process of life and your soul’s calling. Third Time Lucky pulsates with a palpable sense of fresh possibilities, compassion, and courage.
In my own search to find meaning after breast cancer, no book touched me so deeply as this eloquently written, heartfelt memoir. Pasha Hogan tells an emotionally compelling story of the transformative journey she took to leave behind fear and shame, to build a new relationship with herself, to achieve her heart’s true desire.”

MARIE ENNIS-O'CONNER, editor of Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer and winner, Best Health and Well Being Blog, Blog Awards Ireland 2012

“Pasha Hogan has played an integral role with young survivors, empowering them with self-care techniques and strategies to support each other. In Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery, Pasha dynamically demonstrates the value of connecting young, newly diagnosed women with young survivors of breast cancer to find strength, courage, and hope—so that no young woman faces breast cancer alone, and everyone enjoys access to a creative recovery.”
STACY LEWIS, Chief Program Officer
Young Survival Coalition

“Read this book! It will change your life. Third Time Lucky is like having an angel by your side, one who blazed the trail you are on, who can reach back and guide you along your journey. Trust me, you will embrace Pasha Hogan as part of your team of angels once you read it.”
JONNY IMERMAN, founder of Imerman Angels

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