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The Joy of Creative Discovery: Practices to Reclaim Your Purpose & Passion

Step out of your comfort zone and into the discovery zone with this fun and friendly, interactive workbook. Designed to help adults manage stress and move forward in life, this book sets the stage to explore the timeless questions Who am I? and Why am I here? with an enthusiastic attitude of childlike curiosity and wonder, instead of fear and overwhelm. The reader will find engaging activities, writing prompts, art projects, nature excursions, stress-reduction techniques, and links to free guided meditations.

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book Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery

Pasha Hogan’s captivating story depicts how the devastating news of a third cancer diagnosis, at age thirty-one, catapults the author into the unknown territory of learning to love herself genuinely and honestly. As she confronts the ravages of cancer, identity and career crises, and depression, Hogan realizes that these challenges present the opportunity to leave behind “normal” life and embrace the longings of her heart and soul—to live a creative, full life as her true self. In Third Time Lucky, she invites readers to transform their own questions from, “Am I enough?” to “Am I enough of who I really am?”

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cd cover Softening the Gaze CD: 
(70 mins.)
(this CD includes:)

-Softening of the Gaze:
This talk and meditation invite you into a softer relationship with yourself and your inner critic. Imagine how different your life could be if you changed your style of looking from a critical eye to a softened gaze?

-Intimate with Fear:
These two tracks will help you learn how to demystify your fears and enter into a relationship with them, releasing their hold over you, enabling you to take the next step into life.

-Just for Today Principles:
These affirmations remind you to have a kinder and gentler relationship with yourself.  You can say them out loud, write them down and carry them around with you.

Cost: $15.95


dvd Yoga: New Beginnings DVD:
(68 mins.)

Join experienced yoga teacher Pasha Hogan as she guides and accompanies you on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-love, allowing your breath to lead the way - instead of your thoughts, both on an off the yoga mat.

You don't have to wait until you think you are good enough, thin enough or even spiritual enough to enter this practice. Wherever you are right now is enough! There is an entry point for everyone. This yoga is in service of you.

The morning practice has been specifically designed to help you start your day from a strong foundation with an open heart and the evening practice helps you to end your day in a relaxed and peaceful way.
Practice for a short time everyday and see how it helps transform and soften the relationship you have with yourself ... breath by breath.


Cost: $19.99



No Detours CD: (73 mins.)
*SOLD OUT more soon!

No Detours is a journey of self-discovery to accompany you through personal illness or difficult times.  It includes a talk and three guided meditations for daily use.

The Journey: No Detours Talk: In this talk Pasha shares her personal experiences and insights as a three-time breast cancer survivor inspiring you to lay down your burdens and to follow your heart.

The three guided meditations can be used throughout your day.

The Morning Meditation helps you start your day clear and centered, full of warmth and curiosity for a brand new day.

The Journey Meditation can be done at anytime of the day to help you lay down your burdens so you can relax more fully into life.

The Evening Meditation assists you in transitioning into a restful and restorative sleep.

We hope you enjoy this offering and find it a helpful companion on your intimate journey into self-love, self-acceptance and healing.

Cost: $15.95


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