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Yoga with Pasha:  Poetry for the Body

“Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find all the
barriers within yourself that you have built.”

A practicing yogi for over fifteen years, Pasha has experienced the profound heart opening and empowering effects of yoga and loves sharing this practice with everyone. Pasha interweaves powerful breathing techniques, alignment, intention, meditation, visualization and chanting into all of her classes, as she guides you on your own journey towards self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-love.

Pasha’s style of teaching is inspirational and non-intimidating. She creates an atmosphere where each participant can find his or her own way into yoga. Wherever you are is the entry point and that is where you are met. Pasha attends to the uniqueness of each individual encouraging you to let your light shine from inside out, bringing your inner beauty out into the expression of each pose. Instructions are given in a clear and gentle way welcoming absolute beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Yoga with Pasha is a deeply spiritual and practical experience as you are encouraged to let your breath lead the way, instead of your thoughts, expanding this practice off the mat and into your life. Experiencing life with your eyes and heart open, full of wonder, warmth and curiosity…..loving yourself just as you are.


Pasha has taught yoga in all the communities where she has lived including New York City, Hawaii and New Mexico as well as at retreats and workshops throughout the United States. 

Please visit the CALENDAR for new offerings.

Pasha is available to travel and teach yoga workshops/retreats specifically designed to meet the heart of your group.

Please contact Pasha to discuss further.

photo: Thea Witt
"Pasha Hogan started me on a yoga journey 2 years ago and changed my life and the lives of those around me. I had never really done yoga until she introduced me to the practice. She helped me to learn how to breathe, enlightened me with her words of wisdom, and taught me the asana practice that started me on my own path to being a yoga teacher. I am proud to say that my love for yoga started with Pasha in New Mexico and has continued with me getting my 200 hours of yoga alliance teacher certification here in Indianapolis. I hope to inspire my future students and impact their lives in the same way that Pasha did mine! Many praises to Pasha and her gift of being an incredible yoga guru!! Namaste!" ~Jodie, IN


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